Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some blacks need racism pt. 2

Among those clinging to Oldthink is the Black Left. Just last night on News & Notes, the NPR Black News program, a panel of Black illuminati were claiming America is a "White supremacist society." This only a day after Obama won the presidency. A lot of Blacks cling to their cartoon image of America.

I wasn't an enthusiastic Obama supporter until I saw the world reaction. My Republican spouse dismissed the world reaction as not representing any real improvement in our nation's situation. I disagree--but more importantly, the world's reaction is important for the world, regardless of whether it helps America directly.

People weren't standing in the streets of New Delhi with tears running down their cheeks because they like Obama's 12 point plan for something or other. It was because they knew there was a country on Earth that was willing to elect a member of a racial minority to their highest office because he seemed to be the best candidate. That gives hope to everyone everyone who wants better for THEIR country. That speaks to the essence of American leadership. I don't know of one other country that would do what we just did.

Whether Obama turns out to be a great president or just a decent one, this gift to the world will remain.

I hope my conservative friends will be able to grasp this point through their disappointment.

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