Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Upper class sociopathy

What's amazing isn't the sociopathy of our ruling class--it's the proven fact that roughly half the voters side with them, election after election. These are also the voters who believe Saddam Hussein planned 9/11 with his partner Osama Bin Ladin; that President Obama isn't a Christian; that we're descended from a dab of mud in the literal Garden of Eden; that foreigners have cooties...I could go on, but it's too disheartening.

Never forget that Obama's "landslide" was only 52% of the popular vote. He knows he has to bring these people along, somehow. I think that's one reason why he acts so conciliatory.

The boss class has convinced many, many voters that the only alternative to ownership of business by government is ownership of government by business. The former is Socialism, pronounced syllable by syllable to emphasize its demonic character, as "So-Shul-Is-M" drawing it out to instill the full horror of the term to these people.

We need an equally catchy word for the current situation (ownership of government by business). Any ideas? Anyone?

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