Monday, April 6, 2009

Illegal immigration and the drug war--both insoluble

It's hopeless, because of something right wingers and left wingers have in common: they prefer their fantasy version of reality to the real thing.

Right wingers believe the "war on drugs" is working; that if you tell teenagers not to have sex they won't; that the "war on terror" is a war, and that terror is the just goes on and on.

Left wingers, meanwhile, believe that illegal aliens are "undocumented workers" and that anyone who doesn't want to hand this country over to them might as well be in the Ku Klux Klan.

Both groups can continue to dwell in their alternate realities because they pay no penalty for doing so. College- educated liberal elites aren't losing their jobs to illegal immigrants; the college town schools their kids attend aren't being ruined by barrios of semiliterate peasants; the districts they live in aren't having our culture replaced by Mexican culture. This isn't multiculturalism--it's ethnic cleansing, block by block, across the Southwest. It's gotten so bad in parts of LA that blacks are being murdered by illegal alien gangbangers who are latinizing neighborhoods that were once black neighborhoods.

Likewise the right wingers can live in denial of the ruinous consequences of the "war on drugs." Their drug of choice--alcohol--is perfectly legal, despite being vastly more toxic than most of the drugs the kids take. And their kids aren't taking drugs, or having sex, because, well, they just aren't. And those college binge drinking parties? Not my little Johnny. Nossir.

Meanwhile both sides ignore one simple, critical, verifiable statistic: in 1940 there were 20 million Mexicans, and Mexican immigrants represented less than .5% of the American population. By 2000 there were over 100 million Mexicans--waaay more than the Mexican economy could absorb--and millions were pouring over our border.

How did their population explode without significant immigration? Simple. A potent mix of importing some Western medicine into a country dominated by a backward religion that opposes all forms of contraception and even calls condoms murder.

And guess what? America didn't do it. When China saw what was happening, they instituted their "one child" policy--which liberals, warm-hearted and empty-headed as usual, have been complaining about ever since. But that's why China's population hasn't exploded, which most of the third world has--very much including Mexico.

And of course Mexico's overpopulation has put literally millions of young men on the streets. Where do you think the drug gangs and the cartels get their foot soldiers? Few would be tempted if Mexican village life were still intact. But the population explosion has severely damaged that.

Want to help Mexico? Support funding Planned Parenthood clinics across Mexico, giving free condoms and abortions.

Instead, both the Democratic and Republican leaderships support turning America into a dumping ground for Mexico's overpopulation--the Demos to pander to people with American citizenship who still regard themselves as Mexicans; the Republicans to pander to the boss class who just luv that cheap scab labor. And Meanwhile the backward religion that dominates Mexico wants to do the same to us, so it's constantly interfering in American government at all levels to accomplish that end.

And if it does, then it can give us the same laws Latin American countries enjoy, where a 12 year old girl raped by her father is forced to bear the child instead of getting a therapeutic abortion.

The cosmic joke is that most right wingers, left wingers and Catholics mean well. Hence the saying "the road to you-know-where is paved with good intentions."

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