Friday, August 21, 2009

Fox News

I've been watching Fox News lately--not just the pundits' shows but the Fox News equivalent to straight news programs.

Every so often someone will say somethng that supports President Obama. Bill O'Reilly did so recently, praising Obama's actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

But 99% of the coverage could be subtitled "What Obama Did Wrong Today." And it's not just their conservative pundits saying this. Nearly every sentence uttered by the attractive young female newsreaders and their manly--in a highly mainstream sorta way--co-hosts, express shock and horror at the terrible things Obama, every Democrat on Earth, and class traitors like George Soros, are doing to our country.

They look like real news programs in the same way that Hamas news programs--which I used to watch regularly--look like regular news programs.

I have seen signs of left-wing bias in mainstream news outlets. But they rarely rise to the level of of one-sidedness achieved by Fox News.

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