Friday, January 1, 2010

A fun new year's wish--if you like jeremiads

People in many forums are making their wishes for humanity in 2010. They want world peace, feeding the poor, the spread of justice and fair play, education for all, women's rights, no nukes, the elimination of abortion, etc. etc.

All of these dreams have no chance of coming true unless humanity tackles overpopulation.

The Left and the Right unite in denying that this is a problem.

The Left want to feed the poor without recognizing that all that our advanced food production technology has achieved is robbing the future to feed the present, in terms of porous aquifer permanent collapse, fertilizer pollution of waterways and oceans outside rivermouths, monoclonal agriculture that puts us at huge risk for rapid spread of newly evolved plant diseases, completely inadequate control of livestock waste products, unanticipated consequences of overuse of pesticides, and many more issues.

The Right obsesses about stopping abortion while not giving a thought to the fact that the human race includes A BILLION PEOPLE who live horrible short lives in a permanent state of starvation; that our total numbers are increasing at a rate of 10 people every 4 seconds, and the fastest increases are occurring where people can least afford it.

Overpopulation has already led to the greatest extermination of animal and plant species since the large dinosaurs were exterminate 65 million years ago, to immense human suffering, and to competition for scarce natural resources that will lead to wars in many regions, especially over access to water.

Two hugely overpopulated countries, India and Pakistan, are both nuclear-armed nations that have been at each others' throats off and on for decades. If they had a nuclear exhange it would put so much dust into the atmosphere as to cut agriculture to a tiny fraction of its current output, leading to a catastrophe few can imagine but all will experience.

All these issue and many more are the result of the world's population quadrupling since 1900.

There. Are. Too. Many. Of. Us.

And almost nobody is willing to face this, so it isn't being worked on.

And all these wishes for world peace and fewer wars and resolution of conflicts between neighboring overcrowded nations will come to nothing, because we aren't working on our real problems--just the superficial symptoms.

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