Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to foster democratic revolutions in Iran and elsewhere

Our government should make a high quality movie about the American Revolution--only make it in several versions, using for the actors ethnic Arabs for one version, Persians for another, Pakistanis for another, and Afghans for another (yes, I know Afghans speak several languages), speaking in their own languages.

The screenplay should subtly emphasize the aspects that are most relevant to current conditions, including the British contempt for the colonists and efforts to muzzle the press and enforce its ideas through military force.

Distribute the film on DVDs but also excerpt it, in short chapters, on YouTube and other social media.

It would absolutely have to sound natural and appropriately colloquial to each target audience. 

Wouldn't that be an interesting propaganda project?

We really need to let peoples suffering under tyrants know that we've been there, done that. And overthrew ours. Yet by making it strictly historical and talking about events of over 200 years ago we can avoid being accused of trying to pull something over on people over there. We can say we're just trying to share our history with people of other countries.

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