Friday, March 25, 2011

This just in: 50% of America's growth is Mexicans!

The 2010 Census reveals that 50% of America's population growth is Mexicans and other Hispanics--mainly Mexicans, though. Odds are this under-reports the actual numbers, given the reluctance of illegal immigrants to talk to census takers.

Whether you like this or not, it is a plain fact that you were not consulted about this. Our duly elected government abandoned national quotas, granted illegal immigrants--again, mostly Mexicans--amnesty (in 1986), left our southern borders with only token protection, and made only token efforts to crack down on employers of illegal immigrants. And Congress also decreed that the main purpose of legal immigration was to be "family reunification" defined as anyone related to you, however distantly, rather than prioritizing bringing people who could contribute to Ameica's economy or culture. That is, Congress tacitly decided that America's existing culture had nothing worth preserving--other cultures were welcome to come in and replace it.

And, here in the Southwest, so they did. Well, one culture: Mexico's.

Meanwhile the Catholic Church aggressively lobbied government to grant citizenship to anyone who decided to come here (it's a total coincidence that 90% of them were Catholics, of course) and commanded its members to disobey any laws that might cramp illegal immigrants' style.

And self-appointed Mexican leaders and organization arose to obtain government grants and loudly denounce anyone who objected to this culture shift as racist--despite the leading Mexican advocacy group naming itself "The [Mexican] Race." They were joined enthusiastically by America's Left, who agreed with greedy billionaires that the Mexicanization of America was a Wonderful Thing--and that anyone who opposed it didn't even deserve to be debated with. They were just ignorant racist mouthbreathers, to be dismissed out of hand.

Joining in to praise Mexicanization were economists who pointed out that without a huge influx of young workers, America would get grayer like Europe and Japan are getting, with fewer and fewer workers supporting more and more retirees. The long term downside of this short term gain...was, apparently, irrelevant.

And behind the scenes, major political donors from the corporate world quietly lobbied Congress--especially the Republicans who got most of their patronage from corporatists--and the Executive to admit illegals in huge numbers so they could use them for cheap, no-complaints labor and union-busting.

At not time was this policy--to vastly increase our population and supplant Anglo Americans with Mexicans--submitted to any kind of referendum by the American people.

So--there are two issues here, not one.

1: Should the American people be consulted about specific issues that have a major bearing on their lives? Or at least informed by our government when it's implementing a policy that will have such an effect? In this case we weren't even told. It happened on the down low. In this case, it's actually two things: should the American government have allowed America's population to double largely from immigration in the last half-century; and should have allowed that doubling to come from cultures that represented 1/2 of 1% of America in 1940?

2. Is it a Good Thing to replace American culture with Mexican culture? Interestingly, Mexico's own immigration law forbids immigration that would change Mexican culture/demographics significantly. But we're more enlightened than that. So--Mexico won't let America replace Mexican culture with American culture, but America will let Mexico replace American culture with Mexican culture. BTW they think we're chumps.

In 1940 America was over 85% Anglo. By 2040 Anglos will be a minority, if not sooner. This is what's known as cultural suicide. But it's racist to object, so resistance is futile. You will be assimilated...

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