Friday, April 1, 2011

pulling back in Libya

The US has two weapon systems no one else does: A10s and AC130s. These machines specialize in tactical support, firing machine guns instead of missiles (though the A10 can carry missiles and bombs in addition to its tank-killer cannon).

And no other NATO nation has anything like these. We should already have the UAV equivalent of the A10, but, failing that, these are precisely the tools most appropriate to the Libyan conflict.

So I'm dismayed that we're pulling them out now, crying poor. Instead we should have pulled back the weapons systems that are duplicated by NATO's other nations but keep these two systems in the fray--especially now that Qaddafi's mercenary army is decimated rebel ranks.

The GOP criticizes Obama daily, and more often as not, for false or frivolous reasons. The tragedy is that when it does have a legitimate objection--as it does here--it's too easy for liberals and moderates to dismiss this objections because they're cried wolf--and lied about it--nonstop.

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