Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who killed Bin Ladin?

Last Sunday Navy commandos snuck into Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Badin in the expensive home he'd been living in a few miles from Pakistan's capital.

This gave rise to dueling headlines.

The Democratic headline: Obama as Commander In Chief orders successful raid on Bin Ladin's hideout, gets the man responsible for 9/11.

The Republican headline: George Bush as Commander In Chief gets Bin Ladin through policies he set in place and which were continued by the Democrat president who succeeded him.

The Libertarian headline: Bin Ladin's dead. Let's immediately withdraw from Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe, Japan, and anywhere else we have bases abroad.

The Tea Party headline: Obama the Foreigner botches description of Navy raid that killed Bin Ladin, proving once more that he's an incompetent bungler.

Peacenik (Euro and American) headline: Imperialist American president orders invasion of sovereign country and the murder of an alleged criminal, proving once more America's disregard for rule of law.

Pakistani headline: same as above, plus "and proving that Pakistan's civilian government are Stooges of the West."

Indian headline: Pakistan's promotion of terrorism demonstrated once more by discovery that it was harboring world's worst terrorist.

Afghan headline: Same.

Chinese headline: there is no headline, because no Chinese were killed by Bin Ladin, so it doesn't matter.

Russian headline: Bumbling American imperialists lose helicopter while violating a sovereign nation's territory.

Brit headline: Obama nails Bin Ladin. Brits give Obama heartfelt thanks. 

Arab headline: noble defender of Muslims martyred by Americans in their war on Islam; Americans also invaded a Muslim country in doing so [note that many Muslims were relieved that we killed him--but they're not the ones who usually get to write the headlines]

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dwm said...

The Tea Party headline?
come on... the tea party couldn't care less what cave osama was or was not hiding in. what flake, who says he represents the tea party, have you been reading?
the tea party is about economics.
its core values of "Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets"
.... that's it. (period)