Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where's Waldo?, Ehkzu?

I've been here:

In the discussion forums. Including hundreds of entries by moi.

They're for a singer named Jackie Evancho, whose first pro full-length CD shipped June 14 and is now #2 on the Billboard charts.

I only mention it here to (a) account for my whereabouts and (b) because she has some relevance to political centrism.

For one thing, her music straddles both the classical and pop worlds, drawing from many sounces, as centrists do. For another, many people love her music but want her to do the kind of music they specialize in listening to, just as centrists get the same response from those of the Left and Right.

Lastly, unlike most entertainers, she's actually a force for good in this world. Not just in her charitable activities, but in her art as well. Something about her makes people (myself included) want to be better human beings than they are.

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