Monday, August 15, 2011


2% of California parents refuse to get vaccinations for their children, because they're fools--specifically innumerate fools who are willing to kill their children in order to "protect" them. What's extra ironic is that the highest level of non-vaccinating households is in Marin County, at 7%. Marin County combines high average incomes with no universities that I know of within the county's boundaries.

Given the overpopulation problem, the world can spare a few fools. After all, as Jack London said, "Never stand between a fool and his folly." But it's outrageous that our state governments allow these fools to endanger everyone else's children. Unvaccinated kids shouldn't be allowed in public schools. They should be required to homeschool their kids.

However, homeschooled kids should be tested every semester, and those who don't pass the tests should be required to go to public school and to be vaccinated beforehand.

I'm amazed that this is even being debated. We have laws against child abuse, don't we?

Here is where right wingers and left wingers agree--they say "our rights trump our responsibilities." Apparently the concept of the social contract is foreign to them (except for the perks). This is one of many ways in which ideologues act like spoiled children.

Would you get in an airliner that had unvaccinated passengers whose air you'd have to share?


Anonymous said...

The writer seems very confident in the science of vaccinations and by inference the FDA that regulates and ensures the safety thereof.

The FDA is very suspect in its safety methods. I would posit the several blockbuster drugs that have wreaked havoc on trusting citizens. A quick review of Celebrex, rizulin, phen-phen baycol and many others would not do much to instill the trust the author implies by demanding full vaccinations for students.

You might take a trip to the other side of the matrix someday and study the potential implications of vaccinations on autism.

Not hard to do. Admittedly very controversial, I understand that the Amazon forum on vaccinations is the biggest on their site followed by our beloved JE.
Just do a scan in books on vaccines and autism to see the potential in vaccines which apparently you trust.

I have listened to many a moving interview with parents whose child became autistic after one of the series of vaccinations. A high profile case that you should review if you care to visit that other side of the matrix is one of the child of actor Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.(link)

Many vaccines, not all, contain the preservative thimerisol. This is a mercury based substance that the FDA had removed from some of the vaccinations that they had deemed safe in prior years.

Then there is the apparent necessity to protect newborns from drug use and profligate sex by insisting on vaccinating them at birth for Hep B. Hmmmm wonder what that is all about? Keeping those little ones safe no doubt.

You might also want to google vaccines in 3rd world countries and sterilization. Just the subject headings might begin to shift your view of the safety of vaccinations.

As a baby boomer I was subject to the polio vaccination. 40 years later In the 90's through a Boston Globe article I read that they released this vaccine contaminated with SV40, simian virus, with knowledge of its existance to some states which included Mass. and Michigan. SV40 is thought now to be a cause for the brain cancer epidemic amongst our generation.(link)

I could site many more reasons including religous but I think the reader will get the point.

Now on to logic. If vaccines are so effective and are trusted then why should a vaccinated person be concerned over his own safety in the presence of a non vaccinated individual. Ooops maybe they are not so effective.

Here is a quote from a study found at the NIH "A total of 25 cases of clinical measles were detected at the 4 hospitals visited, comprising 15% of total pediatric admissions during the study period. 13 of the children had been immunized for measles. That tallys >50 percent of the vaccinated not being fully protected. Maybe we shouldn't fly with vaccinated people also. Note that the vaccine did help reduce severity of symptoms. (link)

Lastly I agree with the homeschooling requirement of testing but that the test would be structured differently and applied to all students. That test would be for critical thinking and possession of tools like reading, writing and cyphering. I will not take the time to argue the homeschooling case but that the results are considered better than the public schools. (link)

Constitutionally I believe that the Feds have no authority in Education. We could save a ton of money and hand it back to the several states and to the people. {See amendment 10 of the bill of rights}

PS: JEs OMF at Ravinia was sublime - Snoberg

msas said...

The most insidious aspect is that those “fools” are actually free riders; it’s an utterly unethical, even idiopathic behavior.

Vaccines *can* cause some adverse effects, much smaller than the disease, for sure but not zero. For instance, smallpox vaccine actually kills 1 per million – and this is the reason we don’t take that vaccine anymore, even after terrorists treats. The ones who take the vaccine pay this price, even if much smaller than say, the chance of contracting polio alone and becoming paralyzed or even dying.

The benefits of the vaccination affect *everyone*, vaccinated or not. And you don’t need 100% vaccination rate to protect a population; all you need is for the disease not to spread, which can be achieved with relatively lower levels of vaccination (say 75%), depending on the disease.

It’s remarkable that the conspiracy theorists are now preying on the single most effective and efficient single medical treatment ever devised and deployed! It’s total lunacy.