Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 years after 9/11

On 9/11 the NYPD and Fire Dept couldn't communicate with each other. Today, all over America, we still don't have full communications interoperability at federal/state/local levels. The Republican Congress handed out the 9/11 largesse to the states with no strings attached, as a tribute to states' rights. So a dirty nuke in a van goes off in Washington  DC and affects five states--and we'll get the same lack of coordination.

So they made sure the Federal Gummint stayed out of the way. And it's still out of the way. Why do people think this is a good thing?

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Anonymous said...

I agree that government largess given from the Feds to the states in many situations including educational funds should not be under the control of Feds in the first place. Keep the money in the States and let them make the decision. A reminder to the author to read the 10th amendment again.

Now with respect to communication coordination across regions and states, this falls well within the Constitutional purview of the Feds and to not provide for the common defense is a failure.

With respect to federal failure in 9/11 there were many opportunites for the Gummint to get the message of attacks but were ignored at higher levels. One instance during the incident speaks of not so much a failure of communication but of insidious policy. Take a look at the testimony of Norman Panetta regarding Cheney's refusal to intercept the DC plane when presented with a clear information. HE REFUSED TO INTERCEPT! Ref 1.

The Feds fail in so many ways regarding 911. Even after the incident - has there been any forensic and engineering investigation into the building failures. This includes bldg 7 that did not suffer a plane crash. Nope theoretical not real. Take a look at this site for unanswered questions. Ref 2

Skeptical? Look at this youtube and explain how a steel beam can do this trick.