Monday, May 21, 2012

"Job creator" was never in Mitt Romney's job description

"Job creator" isn't part of the job description or even mission statement or board of directors' evaluations of any CEO of any for-profit corporation.

CEOs may create jobs; they also may destroy them. It's just as accurate (or inaccurate) to call corporate CEOs "job destroyers" as it is to call them "job creators." By the standards used to evaluate a CEO, whether they do either is irrelevant. What they're supposed to do is create profit for shareholders. I can assure you that no CEO in history who has failed to create profit will justify his position to the board of directors by saying that he created jobs in the face of not creating profit.

And if you look at where new jobs come from, don't look to the Fortune 500. They've been the source of net job loss in this country for many years--their job creation is going on in China, or the Philippines, Thailand etc.

The actual job creators of American jobs are in smaller businesses.

And only a tiny percentage of them are the millionaires and billionaires whose oxes would be gored by an Obama re-election.

Businessman Mitt Romney certainly created profits for himself and his company. Jobwise he created some in some companies, destroyed some in others. If you look back over his reports to Bain stakeholders I doubt you'll find any references to job creation. Actually CEOs often brag about their ruthlessness.

The fictional movie "Up in the air" dramatizes this. It is fictional, of course, and borders on parody in places. But in its essence it's true to life.


Anonymous said...

The Obama far-left socialist propagandists still don't get it.

It's absolutely true that real job creation comes from the private sector and small businesses. But for the Obamaites to claim that for the Democrats is ludicrous.

They also claim that substantial numbers of jobs were created by those phony, currupt, multi-billion dollar government stimulus packages, which is just ignorantly disingenuous.

Again, the only way to create jobs is by instilling CONFIDENCE, in exactly the same way that Reagan did it after we dumped Carter.

We'll dump Obama, fiscal responsibility will instituted, confidence will reign, investment dollars will flood the economy, and not only will jobs be created there will be a labor shortage. Write that down, you read it here first.

Anonymous said...

Romney not a job creater???
There you go again.

When Romney and his investment group steps in and makes a company profitable and successful... that means a company with thousands of employees does not close it's doors and file for bankruptcy... saving all those jobs.

Of course that may mean layoffs. But layoffs occur at every company, everywhere, whether or not Bain Capital is involved. That's referred to as responsible and prudent business practices.

This is also something that you know to be a fact, but mentioning it doesn't fit your agenda. That is the definition of disingenuous.

Obama's incompetent fiscal policies result in the destruction of confidence, the hoarding of corporate cash, the flight of investment capital... and millions of jobs NOT created that would have been otherwise.

Come on Ehkzu, you can do much better.