Friday, August 31, 2012

For the GOP, facts don't matter.

The fact-checking organizations had a field day during & after the Republican convention, since so much lying and deceit characterized nearly every talk. Even Mrs. Mitt Romney, known by one and all as a pillar of rectitude, repeated the totally false canard about President Obama telling small business "you didn't build it." Just about the only ones who didn't lie to some degree or other were the families from Bishop Romney's ward and, just about, his former associate in his bishopric.

The rest lied, and lied, and then lied some more.

And Clint Eastwood made it clear that his imaginary guest on the stage, Barack Obama, was saying "Go yourself" repeatedly. This in front of the Romney clan's small children--not to mention any children in front of the TV when it aired during prime time.

Yet the next day Mrs. Mitt defended the skit, completely unfazed by 10 minutes of comic obscenity in front of her grandchildren.

If Clint had said the words out loud instead of implying them, the Republican National Committee would have been fined massively by the FCC.

More importantly, every single person connected to the Republican campaign has come out and dismissed all the fact-checking organizations as all being partisan lib-er-uls trying to get President Obama re-elected.

The very same organizations that call out the Obama campaign for its own lies and distortions daily.

And it sure works for partisan Republicans, whose knee-jerk rejection of all media outside the Fox/Rush orbit was abundantly clear in the comment threads of the major newspaper articles.

These guys show all the signs of being brainwashed cult devotees through their circle-the-wagons paranoia about the world outside the Republiverse.


Footnote: the RNC convention talked repeatedly about our founding fathers and how we should get back to their beliefs and ideas.

The irony is that they're the liberals' founding fathers. The conservatives of that era were Tories who stood with the Crown. It's pretty funny that they talk so reverently about the people they were taking up arms against at the time...

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