Monday, September 3, 2012

Did you ever have a boss who took credit for your work? Then you understand Mitt Romney

Governor Romney's signature achievement is his rescue of the Salt Lake City Olympics. His. He built it, all by himself.

What rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics, far more than anything else, was your $1,500,000,000 gift to the organization, through your tax dollars.

Yet during his election campaign Mitt Romney has never acknowledged your (collectively) immense contribution to that rescue.

So is that crummy boss who makes you work nights and weekends on a project, then tells everyone the project is his accomplishment, and his alone.

Not to mention the fact that he gives absolutely no credit to the father he says he reveres (except for his politics, which he has completely repudiated) for raising him in luxury, sent him to a posh private schoool where he started making the business connections that would serve him well later, then paid for his Harvard college education--so he had no college debts to pay off for the next several decades, s both Obamas did.

Nor, by the way, did Lyin' Ryan credit his father for raising him in wealth and privilege. Instead he implied that he had to work his way through college.

So they're both the kind of people who grab sole personal credit for everything they claim to have achieved. No wonder they say politics is not a team sport.

Think of how you felt when your boss took the plaudits and gave you the unpaid overtime when you're in the voting booth this November.

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