Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gun makers propaganda

A few weeks ago former GOP presidential candidates Huckabee's radio show propagated gun maker propaganda right and left.

Actually, just "right."

He interviewed the head of Gun Owners of America, which is to the right of the NRA, if you can imagine that.

Huckabee positions himself as the reasonable right winger, but all he's talking about is his tone of voice, which is reasonable-sounding in a preacherly sorta way. However, the words being said in a reasonable tone are pretty much the same as on the shows by the screamers who led to right wing radio being called Hate Radio.

In this interview--in which, of course, all his questions were softballs--he and the GOA prez agreed, chuckling, that Joe Biden was an idiot on the subject of guns. They mocked his saying you should have a shotgun for self defense instead of an assault weapon, maintained that "assault weapons" were really "defense weapons" and described a video on the GOA website that showed small women being knocked over shooting shotguns while another small woman was firing an AR-15 easily, shot after shot. The two pals also concurred that the 1994 assault rifle ban had failed, that universal background checks were a bad idea because they led straight to gun registration which was unconstitutional, and the cops were useless because they couldn't get to your home fast enough, and most homicides were committed with handguns, not rifles, and on an on, lie after lie after bald-faced lie. Baldfaced because with many of these points Huckabee as a veteran gun owner/hunter knew better. Lie because even when what they said was nominally true, it was by cherrypicking the data and making points out of context.

Huckabee bragged about what a gun guy he was, finishing up by saying how sore his shoulder was after a day of duck hunting with a shotgun.

Well I'm sure that a woman wielding a shotgun would have a sore shoulder after a day of defending her home against a horde of zombies attacking. And she'd be knocked over by the blast of a shotgun IF she'd received zero training in firearms. And of course the GOA video showed--as they admitted, laughing--that the women being knocked over had gotten zero training in handling a shotgun. While the woman firing the AR-15 was a trained gun users.

And they didn't mention that the smaller AR-15 round--the .223--is a mankiller round with tremendous muzzle velocity and a bullet designed to wobble destructively as it enters a human body at short to medium range. That's what makes it such an effective assault weapon and such an ineffective sniper weapon.

But it's not so good for home defense because it needs to be aimed more precisely than a shotgun,

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