Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Right Wing Media swoons over just-dead Margaret Thatcher--a European Socialist

The RWM (Right Wing Media, from Rush Limbaugh to Instapundit to Drudge to PowerMax) all unite in their adoration for Britain's Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, who died yesterday.

Yet if she had been American and had run for the presidency here, today's Republican Party would have condemned her as a "European-style socialist."

Huh? you say--here's the Prime Minister who famously privatized whole industries, who was notoriously indifferent to the welfare of all the working-class people her policies kicked to the curb. She was, after all, a grocer's daughter who fought her way to the top by being tougher than anyone else.

But even someone as conservative as she was realized that for-profit medicine is a ridiculous idea. She always stoutly supported Britain's socialized medical system. Which was, in fact, socialized medicine. I have to point this out because our RWM has redefined "socialist" as "any form of government regulation, no matter how lightweight."

And the income tax rates she promoted were far, far more progressive than those of Barack Obama.

Moreover, she wasn't much of a social conservative. Once a working scientist with a degree in chemistry, she believed in evolution as all real scientists do. At a time when homosexuality was a crime in Britain she voted to legalize it. And, worst of all (from an American right wing point of view), she supported legalized abortion. So the GOP's Christianist base would have loathed her.

There isn't the slightest chance of her being able to get support from today's Republican Party for running for any public office in America, much less the presidency.

The Right Wing Media's lionization of Margaret Thatcher only proves once more that they have no respect for the truth or for history, promptly rewriting and revising both as it suits them.

So when your conservative relatives and workmates stand around lauding the Iron Lady in coming days, point out these matters of record and watch them squirm.

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