Sunday, May 19, 2013

The liberal media!

From the viewpoint of a right wing extremist, a moderate is a left wing extremist, and vice versa.

Thus in Berkeley California, Democrats are seen as no different than Republicans.

The myth of the "liberal media bias" is part and parcel of this.

It's certainly true that most reporters are Democrats. You might wonder why this is so BTW. However, all these Democrats now work for giant multinational conglomerates that own the major newspapers and broadcast networks.

And those conglomerates, as a whole, don't care about "liberal" or "conservative." They care about profits. So they chase scandal.

The place where I've seen the most liberal bias in the media is over illegal immigration, where you see lots of sob stories about angelic illegals and none about criminal illegals.

But in general the corporate bosses aren't about to see their profits sacrificed for reporters' values that they don't even share.

Even MSNBC became liberal as a conscious corporate marketing decision--market segmentation. And there, they have been steadily replacing the more strident leftist voices with more reasoned ones (Ed Schultz and Cenk Uigur out; Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes in).

There's a liberal media, but it's not the Washington Post etc. It's Huffington, Daily Kos, Mother Jones etc. And those are certainly liberal.

Lastly, the mainstream media mostly has been reduced to quoting both sides on major issues and not fulfilling their duty as "declarers of fact." That job has been surrendered to a handful of nonpartisan factchecking groups like and

Those show that both sides lie all the time. Which also shows that neither of these sites are controlled by either wing. I find the right wing lies generally more egregious, but that's a matter of opinion. Look at them to see the actual facts, then judge it yourself.

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