Thursday, January 16, 2014

Is there actually only one party in Washington--the Party of Money?

Recently on a comment thread to a political discussion on KQED Forum, a commentor said this:

Some have said that the outer appearance of acrimony and conflict between the two major parties is just a show, similar to what you see in WWE wrestling, and that behind the scenes the Republicans and Democrats are good buddies serving the same corporate master. What better embodiment could there be of the sham of this Good Cop Bad Cop political farce, than this couple? [James Carville and Mary Matalin] They surely will insist that they disagree on many issues, but on any topic that really concerns the criminal banking elite or the cartel of corporations that run this country, I am sure they are very much in alignment.

My response:

There's a lot of truth in this but I think the assessment goes too far. Democrats at least try to whittle around the edges of America's corporatist oligarchy, while Republicans embrace worship of the wealthy wholeheartedly.

The notion that there's no difference at all between the parties is Republican propaganda designed to depress liberals so much that we don't bother to vote. It doesn't go the other way because Republicans are Republicans tribally more than politically.

In practical terms, if Al Gore had been president instead of Bush II we would not have gone to war with the wrong country, with a three trillion dollar price tag. We would not have seen the federal government's regulatory infrastructure systematically dismantled. And we would not have been saddled with a far right corporatist Supreme Court majority for the next several decades.

We also would not have seen the corporatist oligarchy dealt with as it should be, but that truth would not have been a good reason to sit out the election. And in that election, as with most presidential elections, the popular vote was divided by only a few percentage points.

So never forget the fact that the corporate oligarchy WANTS liberals to think that both parties are the same and there's no reason to vote.

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