Sunday, July 19, 2009

comprehensive immigration reform

we do need comprehensive immigration reform. Here's my proposal for doing that:

1. The primary purpose of American immigration policy should be to improve America. I'm astonished that I even need to say this.

2. America is improved by bringing in individuals and families with skills and resources that America needs, and by not bringing in those with liabilities that harm America.

3. Therefore, when someone applies to immigrate, they should be required to include everyone they ever plan to bring in with them. Then their application can be considered as group to evaluate whether it will be a net benefit to America to bring in that group. There should be no limitation on the size of the group--as long as it represents a net benefit for us. This would supplant the "family reunification" policy that currently represents the majority of legal immigration. It's good to bring in families--as long as the families represent a net benefit to America.

4. Also, the person applying with a group to be brought in under his/her umbrella must assume liability for the cost of all social services for that group until they become citizens, and the likelihood of any of them going on the dole after citizenship should be an important consideration.

5. America does not need unskilled laborers. With real unemployment pushing 20%--and with lower-class unemployment much higher--and with the recession impacting social services for poor people disproportionately--immigration of unskilled laborers should be banned until unemployment of American unskilled laborers drops below 4% (to pick a number out of the air).

6. America does need topflight scientists and engineers and other kinds of highly skilled workers. Immigration for these--including grad students in desirable areas--should be fast-tracked, except for Chinese immigrants, who need extra security checks, given the success of Communist China at sending spies here.

7. America is a nation of "melting potted" immigrants--not of enclaves of hyphenated special interest groups. America has been the most successful nation on Earth in assimilating immigrants (in strong contrast with Europe), largely because immigrants have fanned out across the country instead of concentrating in monocultural ghettos, as has happened in Europe.

8. Therefore we should re-establish national quotas, not to give whites preferences, as was the case before, but to ensure maximum diversity, both as a source of multicultural vigor and to prevent the formation of Quebec-style enclaves.

9. Accordingly, all immigration from Mexico and Central America should be banned indefintely, except for individuals with critical skills or great wealth (who will invest in America). We need a Latino "breather" until immigration from Africa, Asia, Brazil and Europe catch up. Reinstatement of Latino immigration shouldn't be considered until illegal immigration from Mexico and Mesoamerica is staunched.

10. Legal immigration via being born within our borders from illgal alien parents violates the first principle on this list--especially since most children born this way are the peasant children of peasant parents--a group we don't need more of. Unless the Supreme Court reinterprets the 14th Amendment to preclude such anchor babies, the Constitution needs to be amended to make it clear that the 14th doesn't include offspring of illegals.

11. The Constitution also needs to be amended to eliminate the loophole that currently counts illegal aliens in Congressional district apportionment. It gives political parties that benefit too much incentive to encourage illegal immigration.

12. The 25 million (give or take 10 or 20 million) Illegal immigrants now residing in America must not be granted amnesty because the last two times we tried it (the latest being in 1986) the result was a tidal wave of new illegal immigration. This policy would produce many individual tragedies--especially as regards children brought here illegally and are now culturally American--but this must be weighed against the far greater tragedy of more massive waves of illegal immigration.

13. The federal government must mandate adoption of e-Verify by states as a prerequisite to any state receiving Federal financial support.

14. The federal government must adopt a universal ID for American residents, as other advanced nations are doing. This doesn't require a card any more--biometric ID stations can be used, sidestepping the fake ID industry. Fuji has a palm vein reader that woupld require rearranging the veins in your hand to fool it. This ID should be a prerequisite for all social services, with the exception of emergency medical care--which would be provided, then the recipient deported if they're here illegally. This would also be a requirement for employment.

15. Illegal entry should remain a misdemeanor. But illegal re-entr should be a felony.


Brittanicus said...

The need to curtail illegal immigration prompted Congress to enact the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. The IRCA toughened criminal sanctions for employers who hired illegal aliens, denied illegal aliens federally funded welfare benefits, and legitimized some aliens through an amnesty program--EXCEPT THESE LAWS NEVER WERE ENFORCED. The real enigma lies in the wording of the 1986 law? The IRCA toughened--CRIMINAL SANCTIONS--for employers who hired illegal aliens, DENIED ILLEGAL ALIENS FEDERALLY FUNDED WELFARE BENEFITS. Neither the federal government, nor state county have denied most benefits to illegal immigrants.

That is why one state--California--is involved in a monstrous budget deficit? AS Always--Everything in the way of enforcement that actually--WORKS--is either eliminated, tabled or weakened so it was never meant to do the job? That goes for E-verify? But public outrage that fell upon the conspirators in Washington and state capitols, was mollified by the out-reach calls that descended upon them like the demons of hell. E-Verify must be a federal mandated tool, for everybody whose in the workplace. Old-timers and new employees. Otherwise is not going to work correctly?

It's a very simple misleading trick, to add an amendment, or author some other new enforcement tool, to divert the American peoples view of yet another deconstruction of a powerful model to confuse us? America can never have a Universal health care, until we remove illegal immigrants from the system?

Before these morons in the beltway decommission or rescind something, keep the other enforcement law on track. The SAVE ACT is a law, but its already being readied for the scrap heap. The puppets of big business in Washington need to know, that they--WORK--for us--the voters? The NO MATCH letter was never given a chance to work, because the anti-sovereignty groups, the ACLU--raised its ugly head and filed against it in court. In the long run the E-Verify extraction system, backed up by a very large force of ICE inspectors, would soon have the illegal immigrants running to the border, or to board a jet plane home.

That is why Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggerrefuses to sign any legislation for higher taxes, in a collapsing economy that was a financial icon for the whole of America. Bright lights are on at night in the Democratic-Liberal assembly building in Sacramento and has so far failed to pass any budget agreement. I wish them luck as they try to find relieve from the crushing pressure of $24.5 billion dollars, that they have imposed on themselves from the tax and spend politicians that infest the state capitol. City manager Andronovich demonstrated to the people of Los Angeles county, that $11 billion dollars went to underwrite the impoverished, considerable numbers being illegal alien families. ONLY BY CONTACTING YOU SENATOR OR CONGRESSMAN, WILL WE STOP ANOTHER AMNESTY OR ENFORCE E-VERIFY? 202-224-312 NUMBERSUSA, AMERICANPATROL for the raw details.


You and other Whites who push for mass-immigration of non-Whites in to the USA are SUICIDAL and INSANE and need to be protected from yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ehkzu, what do you think about skilled immigrants from India compared to similar immigrants from China who you oppose?