Sunday, July 19, 2009

What illegal immigrant advocates don't say

Here are the principles you can derive from the posts of those who plead the case of the illegal aliens:

1. America has no right to choose who gets to emigrate here, possibly due to the doctrine of Original (American) Sin.

2. Instead, America's immigration policy should be determined by the governments and citizens of other countries--primarily Mexico.

3. Mexican peasants should be given preference over anyone else, including PhDs from Germany, successful artists from Japan, Indonesian peasants and PhDs--really, anyone.

4. The plight of potential immigrants is irrelevant unless they're Mexican, since so many people from so many countries are worse off than the average Mexican peasant.

5. The needs of American employers for skilled immigrants is irrelevant. Only employers needing scab labor to bust unions and drive unskilled American workers into poverty are relevant.

6. America's own lower classes--whites, blacks, browns and yellows who have a high school diploma or less--deserve to have their wages cut by 5-25%, as has happened since the 1986 amnesty produced a tidal wave of Mexican peasants (and Salvadoreans, Guatemalans etc.) flowing over our borders.

7. Amnesty is not amnesty, since it doesn't happen immediately.

9. Granting "it's-not-amnesty" to 25 million illegal aliens today won't inspire a tidal wave of new illegal immigration, even though the last two amnesties (the latest in 1986) did.

10. e-verify must be banned, because Mexicans don't like it, and their feelings trump the feelings of America's working poor--including many millions of blacks and at least a quarter of Americans of Latino background.

11. There is no such thing as overpopulation. The fact that Mexico's population exploded from 20 million in 1940 to over 100 million in 2000 is irrelevant. The fact that America's population has doubled in the lifetime of many WaPo readers is irrelevant. The fact that the world's population has increased sixfold since 1900 is irrelvant. The fact that the world is expriencing the largest species and habitat die-off in 65 million years is irrelevant.

12. The fact that the primary beneficiaries of liberal advocacy of illegals is billionaire irrelevant.

13. The fact that the American Southwest has undergone a radical demographic and cultural transformation in the last 30 years is a good thing, because Mexican culture is good and American culture is bad and deserves to die.

14. Letting 25 million Mexican citizens living here illegally jump the queue won't demoralize the millions of potential immigrants all over the world who patiently went through the immigration process. And even if it does, it doesn't matter, because most of them aren't Mexican, and only Mexicans' feelings matter.

15. Anyone who disagrees with all this is a racist, so anything they say--facts or logic--is irrelvant. You don't need to refute someone if you can attack their character. And if they do appear to be making sense, just howl racistracistracistracist until you drown them out.

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