Saturday, December 12, 2009

Many young Adult Mexican-Americans call themselves "Mexican"

The Pew Hispanic Center has released the results of its 2009 survey of Latinos aged 16-25.

As recently as 1940, Latinos represented only 1/2% of Americans. Now they're the largest minority, at over 15%--mostly from illegal immigration and subsequent amnesties, along with our Constitution granting automatic citizenship to children of illegals.

Some highlights of this year's Pew survey:

2/3 were born here (of parents who came mainly in the wave immigration starting in 1965).

40% of native born Latinos say they know one or more gangbangers (possibly including themselves).

52% call themselves "Mexican" or "Guatemalan"--wherever they or their parents came from--rather than "American" or "Mexican-American" or "Hispanic" or "Latino." Even third-generation youths are split on this, with just 50% calling themselves "American."

52% say they speak English not very well--or not at all (the survey was conducted in English and in Spanish).

17% dropped out of high school
(vs. 9% of blacks, 6% of whites, 4% of Asians).

23% live in poverty
(vs. 28% of blacks, 13% of whites, 8% of Asians).

"Young Hispanic females have the highest rates of teen parenthood of any major racial or ethnic group in the country." 26% of females have had children by age 19
(vs. 22% of blacks, 11% of whites, and 6% of Asians).
"On average, Hispanic females are projected to have just over 3 children in their lifetime."
(vs. 2.2 for blacks and 1.9 for whites).

"Latinos make up about 18% of all youths in the U.S. ages 16 to 25.
However, their share is far higher in a number of states.
They make up
51% of all youths in New Mexico,
42% in California,
40% in Texas,
36% in Arizona,
31% in Nevada,
24% in Florida, and
24% in Colorado."

(California's education statistics are in the tank, largely due to the enormous impact of these educationally indifferent youths.)

68% are Mexican in origin; 42% or more of their parents are high school dropouts (vs. about 1/4 for other Latino youth).

About 3% were incarcerated in 2008
(vs. 7% of blacks and 1% of whites).

Around 17% are illegal aliens.

50% of male Latino youths believe the man should have the final say in family matters (vs. 24% of the females).

49% to 71% believe abortion should be illegal, depending on whether they're mainly Engiish speakers or Spanish speakers.

To be sure Mexico has its share of doctors, engineers, legitimate business owners and the like--but they're not moving here. Instead we're getting--as this poll demonstrates--Mexico's least educated laborers, doing work American laborers won't do--for starvation wages, that is. And we're getting them because Mexico's population has quintupled since 1940. The Mexican government, faced with fifty million more people than it needs, figured out--correctly--that we're so stupid we'd be glad to serve as their relief valve.

Mexico's government encourages people to come here by hook or by crook, distributes comic books showing them how to do it, and supports their efforts through a network of consulates. And tells them they're not illegal immigrants because the Southwest is actually part of Mexico that we stole from them, so they're just taking back what's rightfully theirs.

I'd love to have Mexican doctors and engineers immigrate here. But we don't need any more peasants--from anywhere. Look at the unemployment rates for American unskilled laborers. I believe it's pushing 20%--one out of five. How can anyone with a conscience promote taking in more unskilled laborers when we can't employ our own unskilled laborers?

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