Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There is a plot to kill granny!

Only it's a right wing plot, not a left wing one. The federal judge's ruling to put the kibosh on federal funding for stem cell research--plot to kill granny. The frenzied opposition to any kind of healthcare reform--plot to kill granny. The endless, relentless effort to gut Social Security--plot to kill granny.

The same granny who voted for the very ones who are trying to kill her. Now that's world-class bamboozlement.

But it's bamboozlement within limits. Like hypnosis, you can't spend enough to make people do something they really don't want to do or believe what they really don't want to believe.

Money works when it's used to amplify stuff that's already lurking there, using the Power of Narrative, Endless Repetition, and Tribal Appeal--along with reliance on most people being completely untrained in spotting bamboozlement and, reciprocally, completely untrained in empirical thinking.
A crippled public education system is the friend of demagogues.

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