Sunday, August 29, 2010

"You wouldn't oppose illegal immigration if it were Swedes instead of Mexicans"

Although a majority of Americans oppose illegal immigration regardless of who's involved--it is true that many of us oppose even legal immigration by Mexicans. That makes us racist, right?

That's the accusation leftists use to stop debate by changing the subject from the principles to character assassination.

Here's the trick, though: we do feel differently about Mexican illegal immigrants, but it's not racism. It's the fact that uniquely among illegal immigrants, Mexicans have been taught from birth to believe that the American Southwest is actually part of Mexico and we Americans have no right to it (something many American leftists heartily agree with). Moreover, Mexicans generally dislike America, and Americans, and American culture (as substantiated by opinion polls). That isn't unique among immigrants (I personally know some Russian immigrants who don't seem to think much of American either). But it's a lot more common among Mexicans.

Why should I welcome immigrants--illegal or not--who don't like me or my country? My immigrant friends from other countries (such as Belarus, India, South Africa and the former East Germany) still appreciate their home countries, but they also love America. And they don't believe they deserve a place here--they believe they have to work to earn that place.

That's the kind of immigrant I want here. Of course there are Mexicans who don't feel entitled and who do love America, but I get the impression they're a minority. And we already have so many more Mexicans than any other kind of immigrant, I'd be happy to put a halt to even legal immigration from Mexico of unskilled laborers for the foreseeable future--including "family reunification." Families are welcome to reunify in their country of origin.


dwm said...

"Pia M. Orrenius, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, said that Mexican census data showed a 67 percent decline in the outflow of migrants from 2006 to 2009, while showing no great increase in Mexicans returning home.

“They are settled here,” Ms. Orrenius said. “It is going to take more than a business cycle for them to move back to Mexico.”

swell. just swell.

Anonymous said...

If you ever post this, I will be surprised. What you deem as Mexican opinion, is in fact, racist. Because you think that all Mexicans (as a race) are in agreement with your portrayel of an outsider assessment.

Not all Mexicans think alike. Most Mexicans are just like everyone else. MAC:)

Also, the difference between swedes and Mexicans is that Swedes did not come from these lands, originally. Most Mexicans are half, or a great part Aboriginal Native American, so one cannot compare them to any other people of the world; especially when speaking of the Southwest of the USA. If we were next to Sweden, it would be an entirely different thing. We aren't. We are next to Mexico --- and almost half of her lands were taken.

I don't know of anyone who is advocating what you are insisting is every Mexican's desire... to reclaim these lands.

Anonymous said...

You need to study the immigration history of all Americans, including Euro-Americans. Then you'll see how this current dilemma will play out.

No matter how you argue your case, whether you see the racist undercurrent of it or not, your prejudiced state of mind will never allow you to be content in our country. We are a mixing bowl of cultures and will continue to see incoming immigrants for several decades.

Immigration, whether legal or not, is a necessity to keep our economy growing. A country's economic power is proportionate to the size of its population.

But don't worry, once China becomes the number one economy our immigration problems will decline. Or will they, that's when you'll see many Euro-Americans immigrating to the new super-economy.

Aiesha said...

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