Wednesday, September 1, 2010

See America!

My spouse and I are setting out on a camping trip to see the Yosemite High Country, Vegas, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon North Rim and South Rim, and probably Death Valley.

We're traveling with two new citizens from Russia and India, and a couple from Belarus who won the green card lottery. These are the kinds of immigrants we want--an Oracle program manager, an art therapist, a Google programmer, and another programmer. The Belarussian couple will be seeing all these things for the first time--they got here in February--and the wife is a pretty serious photographer.

It's going to be fun seeing them all seeing these places. We'll be back September 20, and I look forward to sharing some highlights from this trip with readers of this blog.

Meanwhile keep thinking, please. Don't fall for political ploys just because they're promoted by people who claim they're on your side. The folks who peddle ploys are always on their own side. And always give the devil his due. For example, I thought Bush the 2nd was a staggeringly bad president. But he was a good family man, and he's comported himself with dignity since leaving office, and done some worth charitable stuff with Bill Clinton.

Now to see just how much more stuff we can stuff into our little camper...


dwm said...

as i say to my kids...'have fun, be good and hurry home'.

Sean said...

If there one thing that immigrants need to influence in this country, it's how to do a proper vacation. Almost 3 weeks... now that sounds like a good trip. Have fun!

I look forward to your entries once you get back. Discussions here have really helped me hold my own in political conversations... keep it up!