Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How about that GOP health care reform plan? Which is (drumroll)...nada

Rather than trust what politicians say they'll do when they're in power, I trust what they actually do when they're actually in power.

The Republicans were actually in power--in control of both branches of Congress, the judiciary, and the executive branch--for six years. Plus control of Congress for six years before that, of the executive for two years after that, and of the judiciary for the foreseeable future.

During the six years they held sway over all, here's what they did to change our health care system: nothing. Except to engineer a massive unfunded giveaway to big pharma, of course.

So although I can think of better health care systems than the one the Democrats passed, this mild reform sure beats the Republicans' actual alternative: nothing. And no changes in our health care system is financially unsustainable, as economists of every stripe will tell you.
So I don't believe the Republicans' promises to reform health care better--not because I can read their minds, or because I don't like them, or because I object to their political philosophy. I don't believe them because they taught me not to when they were in power.

So our only choice is the Democrats' reform as is, or nothing if the Republicans regain control of all three branches of government, or some minor bipartisan tweaks under the current divided government.

One more think that reduces the Republicans' credibility--again without any comment on their stated party's political principles--is that reputable fact-checking organizations like politifact.com and factcheck.org have demonstrated repeatedly that the Democrats tell fibs about their plan while the Republicans tell ginormous whoppers about theirs--and about the Democrats' plan.

Republican friends tell me those factchecking sites must be in the pay of the Democrats. If they are the Democrats aren't getting their money's worth, because they rap the Democrats' knuckles constantly. There are no angels on this playing field. But the Republicans are far worse.

Their prevarication about the Congressional Budget Office is one outstanding symptom. Every time the CBO gives an analysis the GOP likes they quote it as gospel. Every time the CBO goes the other way they dismiss it. While the factchecking sites give the CBO a strong endorsement hedged with some cavils.

I consider myself an Eisenhower Republican, which means there's no place for me in today's Republican Party, so this liberal Republican had to become a conservative Democrat.

And for me the health care reform issue is just one more example of how the Republican Party cashed in its principles for tribal advantage--most egregiously by preaching atomism--that we have no responsibility for anyone else, and no one has responsibility for us, and anything else is socialism.

This is not how responsible people behave. Believing that we need to have each other's back isn't \"European socialism.\" It's a value that was preached on the American frontier by our ancestors.
Look at the values shown in the new film version of \"True Grit.\" Back then, \"government\" was the only thing standing between an honest citizen and the criminals who longed for lawless times where the gang with the most guns called the shots (so to speak). Little Mattie Ross stood for law and order and for social responsibility. Not the State running your life. Just making it safe enough for you got get to run your life.

While today's Republican Party--particularly in its stand against any real health care reform--stands for the morality of a selfish six year old boy who doesn't like to be told what to do, and calls nobody getting to tell you what to do \"freedom.\"

Real adults define freedom very differently. And those of us who get sick and can't get health care because of this philosophy of, well, selfishism, will find that their freedom just got taken away from them.

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n1ck said...

I see it a lot simpler than you.

All empires throughout time have risen, peaked, plateaued, and then fell. I believe that the richest Americans see the plateau, and in preparation for the fall, are attempting to accumulate as much wealth as possible.

Since the 1980s, Republicans have been attempting to destroy the safety net for the middle class. They have been attempting to cut taxes as much as possible (taxing the super wealthy is what creates the middle class). They make sure that their patricians are happy by increasing their wealth, which they also get a piece of, since politics is just a revolving door for lobbyists, politicians, and big business.

Republicans are not concerned with decreasing the debt. They are concerned with amassing as much power as possible, for the longest period of time possible, so that they can continue to gut this countries middle class.

This country doesn't even have a real middle class anymore. We have the uber wealthy, the very wealthy, a middling class, and the working poor, which is the majority of Americans.

I don't worship Democrats, and to be sure, there are many Democrats that could replace the D moniker for a R and it wouldn't make a difference. But the Republican party has TELEGRAPHED their plans for 30+ years. They are AGAINST GOVERNMENT!

Most people have been so indoctrinated by the rhetoric that they've forgotten that our form of Government is the PEOPLE.

So, Healthcare? Military Industrial Complex? Decrease in infrastructure spending? Decrease in social safety nets? Decrease in taxes for the top 2%?

It's all the same. The country is being gutted. The richest 2% don't need public education, or social safety nets. So, get rid of 'em.

Isn't it really that simple, once you look at the big picture? Governement FOR the people and BY the people is being replaced by Government FOR the lobbyists and BY the richest and most powerful.

And the Republican/Conservative shills cheer on the destruction of government. They worship Capitalism as if it is a tangible entity that is going to make sure they aren't eating, drinking and breathing toxins dumped into the environment by business. Or that capitalism cares whether their children have health insurance and an education and a chance at a good job.