Saturday, January 8, 2011

How is the Republican Party leadership like a standard Hollywood horror movie?

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In a standard Hollywood horror movie, the directors' primary goal is to isolate the good guys--or at least the non-monsters--so the monstrous guy/creature can pick them off one by one. So, while everyone is the audience is silently yelling at the screen "Don't go down to the basement alone!!!!" ...sure enough, Sally goes down to the basement alone...and gets picked off. Followed by Joe in the Attic, and Martha in the garden in the dark, and Mike in the deserted corridor, and so forth.

That's just how the Republican Party leadership works--it gets Americans to go down the hallway alone.

It has convinced over half the country that government is the problem--that, if left to its own devices, giant corporations will create jobs (and so they will--in China), and, unfettered by those villainous government regulators, wealth will spring out all over the place and shower down upon the worthy.

If has also convinced a majority of Americans that the experience of the rest of the world with unfettered corporate forces is irrelevant. That the practices of the Republican Party in the 1950s and 60sd is irrelevant--even though it represented a time of unparalleled egalitarianism and business growth and very high taxes on very high profits.

And it has also convinced a majority of the American people that all regulation is over-regulation. That only other people get sick. That all government benefits go to people who aren't white Anglos, while all tax burdens come from white Anglos. That the highly successful efforts of big business to shift all risk and environmental costs of their operations to taxpayers--is just good business, and that expecting businesses to shoulder the actual expenses of their operations is so-shul-ism.

They want us to go down that corridor alone.


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