Thursday, July 14, 2011

Democrats and Republicans agree on one thing: the Hand of Fate

Democrats and Republicans may seem at loggerheads, but they agree that some things are just inevitable; nobody's fault; nobody's cause. Our only task is to adapt to these things.

They just disagree on how to apply this fatalistic principle.

Republicans believe that the Wall Street Crisis just happened. Movement Republicans believe it was entirely caused by Congressmen Barney [HE"S A HOMO BUT WE WON'T MENTION IT!!!] Frank, Nancy "Daughter of Satan" Pelosi, and the former head of Fannie Mae [WHO'S BLACK BUT WE WON'T MENTION IT!!!][unfortunately he's also a crook, to be honest]. But even relatively rational Republicans talk about it as just a cycle. Cycles happen. Part of nature, really. The same way they rationalize away human-caused climate change. Cycles.

Meanwhile, Democrats looks blandly at the transformation of America's demographics from 90% white to, soon, minority white (already achieved in California's publis school system BTW). As if white people has suddenly started having black, Latino, and Asian kids. As if who immigrates to this country is entirely some kind of force of nature--not the product of intentional policies planned and carried out with great determination by the leaderships of both parties, though for different reasons.

And don't you dare complain, because if you do it means you're exactly like Hitler.

What the Wall Street meltdown and the slow-mo extermination of Anglo America have in common is that their perpetrators and political allies don't want these events examined. They want you to shut up and not complain--just deal.

Because otherwise there'd be bankers in jail and the reinstitution of quotas for immigration from different countries--and a moratorium on immigration by unskilled laborers from anywhere and anybody from Latin Ameirca, since both greatly overlapping categories have already fulfilled any kind of rational quota for the next couple of centuries.

Can't have that. So instead we have the Hand of Fate, conveniently invoked by both parties whenever they want to pull something on the American People they always talk about as if they're on our side.

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