Thursday, July 14, 2011

NPR should register as a foreign agent

Right now I'm listening to a segment on NPR narrated by the legal daughter of illegal immigrants. She starts crying as she talks about her parents being "undocumented." 16 year old Alicia Martinez is the narrator.

When you listen to it you want to give her parents citizenship. She sounds like a great kid. They sound like great parents.

But this is argument by anecdote, and NPR does it constantly, along with our local PBS TV station.

My problem with this is that it's lying with the truth.

Because they never, ever run anything about illegal immigration that presents them as anything but saints walking on this Earth.

So each anecdote is true, but the accumulated weight of all these anecdotal accounts is wildly distorted.

Not one American has ever had a love one killed by an illegal immigration, or had their car totaled by an illegal immigrant drunk driver, or been unable to get unskilled work because it had been given to illegals, or discovered that the teenaged girls being trafficked had illegal alien pimps.

Either none of those things happen--and there an no illegal immigrants in the prison system--or NPR and PBS is lying with truth, using their repertorial chops to manufacture one-sided propaganda.

This is because Liberal America believes that if anyone's "rights" aren't honored, a police state will ensue, leading to Nazi death camps. This is so powerful a belief that it overrides any concerns about the consequences of such indiscriminate tub-thumping on behalf of anyone--anyone--who really, really, wants American citizenship.

Hello, at least two billion of Earth's population want American citizenship. And most of them would excite your sympathy if you looked at their individual case.

But we are different from Chimpanzees in that we're capable of thinking about long-term consequence; of understanding arithmatic; of realizing that short-term kindness can lead to long-term evil.

The fact that racists oppose illegal immigration of non-Anglos does mean that everyone who opposes illegal immigration is a racist. This is guilt by association, something liberals abhor--except when they do it....

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