Sunday, December 16, 2012

A baker's dozen of reasonable gun control measures

1. national biometric ID database modeled after India's, with every gun serial number attached to someone's ID

2. mandated national background check for all gun sales, private and public along with 2 week wait on all purchases

3. maximum 1 gun/month purchase for any individual

4. assault rifles banned

5. extended magazines banned

6. munition sizes over .38 caliber banned for private ownership

7. national firearms user license modeled after driver's license, with written and live firing tests

8. munitions toxic to scavenging wildlife banned

9. kits for converting semiautomatic weapons to full automatic operation banned

10. mental health standards adopted that prohibit gun ownership to people with certain mental issues that limit judgment and empathy (no, I don't think this would ban Republicans from owning guns :) )

11. Those who fail to report sales or theft of guns they own are held liable for crimes committed with those guns as accessories to those crimes 

12. Gun ownership limited to a dozen guns per individual; additional guns only allowed if they are permanently disabled

13. Personal firearms forbidden in schools, national parks, government buildings

Any responses to this list comprising a wholesale denunciation of any and all gun ownership controls will reveal the poster to be someone who lacks the mental equipment needed to be a constructive part of this conversation.

We license the ownership and use of cars because cars in the wrong hands are extremely dangerous machines. We should regulate firearms ownership for the same reasons.

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