Monday, December 24, 2012

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I've been active on the forums run by

These are large, active, and remarkably hard to find if you don't know where to look.

But if you post anything on an forum a window appears towards the upper-right corner of the page, showing the forums you've posted on recently.

Here's the main page for the Politics forum, which has many, many threads.

And I have many entries hither and thither--mainly, lately, on gun control.

As is true of most public forums that deal with politics in any way, the ones throng with angry, suspicious right wingers who are contemptuous of All Things Liberal and hate President Obama so intensely that Nathan Bedford Forrest would approve of what they say.

Here are some threads I've started and defended against all comers:

Don't ask "Why ban assault weapons?" Ask "Why permit them?"

NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre is right--violent video games ARE dangerous

The mutually respectful thread on gun regulation. I hope.

Free advice for NRA members

A baker's dozen of reasonable gun control measures we should adopt nationally

President Obama is a Republican

The Republicans are attacking Susan Rice to get Scott Brown a Republican Senate seat.

Who should Clinton's running mate be in 2016? I say Charlie Christ.

The new GOP prime directive: Stop Clinton in 2016!

Let's follow India's lead and set up a national biometric ID database

On the Religion forum:

American Christians & other religious people have a religious duty to urge their legislator to support reasonable gun regulations

Favorite Christmas CDs to get from a religious perspective

Enduring tragedy without the consolation of religion

Why do some theists care about atheists & empiricists?

America's first Evangelical President harmed Christianity more than any other

On the Science forum:

Global warming effects more severe than previous estimates

Gun use is not being studied scientifically in America because the NRA banned it

Scientifically-minded people should celebrate Christmas

Bad as the Right is about science, the Left has serious problems with science too

Ocean acidification from human C02 output sparks crisis for Washington State shellfish industry

Global warming is making North American winters harsher

The Republican Party's war on science jeapordizes America's democracy

A vote for Romney is a vote against science

Turns out Ebeneezer Scrooge was a devout Christian

U.S. Should Adopt Higher Standards for Science Education

Proposed: intelligent, technology-using aliens look pretty much like us due to evolutionary convergence

How's this for a moral principle to guide scientists?

Evolution is no longer effectively taught in a majority of American high schools

Both the Left and the Right include many science deniers

Is the constant posting of climate change denialist threads here being financed by polluters like Exxon and the Koch Bros.?

The torrent of global warming denialist postings on this and other forums is being directed and financed by fossil fuel-related firms

Instant cosmology--Brian Green on the air today

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