Thursday, December 13, 2012

Victory lyrics

(to the tune of Maria! from West Side Story)

Obama! We just re-elected Obama!
And suddenly the Right thinks that the blackest night
Has dawned

Obama! We just re-elected Obama!
And suddenly we see their cheating failed to seize the day

Obama! say it loud and there's donkeys braying
Say it soft and the Right is wailing

Obama...we just re-elected Obama...

It's the loveliest sound I've ever heard...


--apologies to Sondheim & Bernstein

Romney, Romney, he just can't get a break
Lying, cheating were all he thought it would take
He didn't write a concession
Now he's in a depression
He knew the Right had so much might
But Obama blindsided him.

--apologies to whoever wrote "Bicycle built for two"

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