Friday, March 19, 2010

Immigration reform

A bipartisan stab at "comprehensive immigration reform" has been presented by Senators Schumer and Graham. You can read it here.

It actually tries to accommodate most Americans' opposition to illegal immigration, and it includes a biometric ID system that could work, I think, though I'd go even farther in that direction.

The biggest question should be timing. It ends with describing a form of amnesty for illegals currently in the country. Previous efforts at reform also combined enforcement with amnesty.

However, after they passed the enforcement aspect evaporated like dew at dawn, while the amnesty produced so many Latino citizens that they now outnumber people who see themselves as Black.

So--what I'd say to Schumer and Graham is that I'd be glad to consider their proposal, but I'll only take it seriously if this one puts enforcement first, and uses objective metrics that must be met before any of the amnesty elements kick in. I'm against amnesty myself, but we live in a world where its takes compromise to get anything done, I suppose.

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