Thursday, March 25, 2010

ObamaCare vs. RepubliCare

This isn't a States Rights issue--it's a Republican Tribe issue. The GOP has zero respect for states rights, except for specific circumstances in which the state having a right advances the cause of the Republican Tribe. Otherwise they've shown total contempt for states' rights.

Nor is it a Conservative/Liberal issue. The world's leading conservative/capitalist/free market publication, The Economist, reluctantly endorsed ObamaCare in its latest issue.

Every other wealthy nation's conservatives wouldn't dream of giving up their heavily regulated healthcare systems for RepubliCare--the system that reached its zenith under the last Republican administration. They think American conservatives are nuts. But that's because other countries' conservatives belong to political parties. Ours belong to a tribe. A tribe isn't about competing principles or worldviews. It's about Us vs. Them.

Witness the fact that about a quarter of Americans believe that President Obama is the literal, biblical Antichrist.

That's not something you can reason with.

But for what it's worth, whatever the Republican leadership says, RepubliCare is exactly the existing system with no changes--because that's what the Republican Congress (1994-2006) gave us. I trust what people do when they're in power--not what they say they'll do when they aren't.

And every economist worth his salt has said that Republicare was becoming so much more expensive--even without considering the inequities--that the economy would not be able to support it within a decade or so.

So remember, the alternative to ObamaCare is RepubliCare--and in the latter case, the "Care" part is a sick joke. So to speak.

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