Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jihad Jane proves profiling doesn't work!

Jihad Jane is a petite, blonde-haired, green-eyed, American 46 year old who was arrested for planning to murder a European cartoonist who dissed Muhammed.

Leftists have proclaimed this arrest as proof that profiling doesn't work.

This is moronic, of course. Sure, there are non-Arab jihadi. Sure, you shouldn't categorically exclude anyone from scrutiny. But if 90% of jihadi are young Middle Eastern/Indian-looking men, ignoring that statistical fact is suicidal. Someone who fits the profile of the vast majority of people who have attacked us should expect extra scrutiny, and someone who doesn't shouldn't expect to get an automatic pass. Both of these facts are true.

Calls to abandon profiling in this and in most other instances seem to stem from a willingness to sacrifice public safety in the name of one's ideology, combined with innumeracy that makes people blind to statistical probabilities.

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dwm said...

"Leftists have proclaimed this arrest as proof that profiling doesn't work."

With the New york Times leading the way, as usual, and yes that is moronic.

Jihad Jane is simply: "The exception [that] proves the rule."

Truth is America, 99.99% of the terrorist look nothing like either of your grandparents.