Monday, March 22, 2010

Tagging the libertarians

There were a lot of libertarian comments on Dana Milbanks' latest Washington Post blog entry, about the unwisdom of Republicans pinning their next campaign on repealing healthcare reform. It garnered hundreds of very snarky comments (right wingers appear to be in an unusually bad mood today), so I entered the following (and got a little snarky myself):

So our social safety net--now amped up slightly by this healthcare reform act--is an American tragedy, huh?

Meaning that since our safety net (even with the latest bill passing) is the skimpiest of any developed country..and since, apparently, the skimpier the safety net the more virile and successful a country is, ours must be doing the best, and a place like Germany or Sweden the worst.

Hmmm. I bet a lot of Germans and Swedes (including conservative ones) would find that pretty laughable.

But if you really believe that, I encourage you to move to a truly free enterprise capitalist country with no emasculating social safety net, where you can let your overwhelming manliness take wings and soar above the crowd.

I suggest the Philippines. I've been there a couple of times. Pure capitalism--and it's got a lot of American influence. So you all should feel right at home.

Go, now. Shoo!

Still here? You should have the courage of your convictions.

But as long as you insist on sticking around, explain me this:

How are you all such geniuses that you know better about the healthcare reform bill than The Economist?

You know, The Economist--the world's leading periodical devoted to free enterprise capitalism since 1843?

This week's issue endorsed voting for this healthcare reform act. Honestly, it's not their ideal way to do it. But all things considered, at this time, in this place, they recommended voting for it.

What do your towering intellects have to say to the editors of The Economist?

I can't wait.

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One Salient Oversight said...

What do your towering intellects have to say to the editors of The Economist?

I can't wait.

Umm.. okay...

Umm. The Economist is... from BRITAIN! And MARX IS BURIED IN BRITAIN. Besides you can't take an overseas metric and apply it to America - manifest destiny tends to change the laws of physics or whatever.

...and... um. GEORGE SOROS I think sometimes reads the economist! And so does PAUL KRUGMAN WHO IS A COMMUNIST.