Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romney vs. Obama on taxes

Great point to make with your conservative friends.

Wholly apart from its other features, Mitt Romney's tax reform proposal would make a ton o' money for Romney.

President Obama's tax reform proposal would lose him many thousands of dollars personally.

Ask your conservative friends to ask Romney to propose something--anything--in the economic sphere that wouldn't profit him personally and substantially.

Thus far he hasn't. 

Of course you could argue that everything that's good for a quarter-billionaire investor like Romney is good for the country. 

But you could also point out that a Mormon tenet is "to avoid both sin and the appearance of sin."

And this certainly has the appearance of self-dealing--of following the practice of so many people in government, Left and Right, who use their position of public trust to enrich themselves personally.

They're rarely as baldfaced about it as Governor Romney, though. An example of his, um, honesty?

EDIT: Romney follows the scripted Republican rudeness of calling the Democratic Party the "Democrat Party." OK, fine. So let's call the Republican Party the, "Publican Party."

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