Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bill O'Reilly's Lie Du Jour

Today's O'Reilly show led of with a diatribe against "liberal fascism" for the Left's efforts to get Rush Limbaugh off the air. From his anger you're think Socialists were bombing radio stations. But no--liberals are trying to organize boycotts of advertisers and other forms of perfectly legal activity--activity which both liberals and conservatives engage in nonstop.

I saw a conversation among broadcast news anchors a few years ago, and they talked about what happened every time their reportage offended the far Right: organized letter/phone/email campaigns to their bosses, their advertisers, the general public.

It's hypocritical for either side to complain about boycotting, though O'Reilly tried to parse it, praising Rosa Parks for her boycotting while condemning the current Limbaugh boycott. This makes no sense. In fact Parks was breaking local laws, while the Libaugh boycotters are not.

O'Reilly further declare that Libaugh's protracted attack against Ms. Fluke was water under the bridge since he "apologized." Of course he did no such thing. For an apology to be real it must be done in the same medium and at the same length as what the apology is for. And it can't be "if anyone was offended by my remarks I'm sorry" which implies the the fault was actually the listener's, but the faux-apologizer is being noble about it.

Fake, pro-forma apologies are a staple of politics. Anyone who follows politics has seen thousands of them--all aimed at trying one's hardest to not apologize in fact, but giving one's defenders a fig leaf to use to attack anyone who pursues the issue--as O'Reilly did today.

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