Friday, March 16, 2012

There is no GOP "War on Women"

The following is a press release from the GOP's Ministry of Propaganda:

Washington DC-- It has come to our attention that outside agitators from the Democrat Party have accused us of hating women, just because a handful of homely, overweight Communistic Lesbians couldn't take a joke or two or three thousand from harmless comedian Rush Limbaugh, and because the legislatures we control have made the first priority not the deficit or jobs but making sure women don't get abortions--even if their life depends on it. Because it's the principle of the thing.

Sure, many fertilized eggs don't even develop into fetuses, and many fetuses aren't viable. But some are, so all are.

Not all women carry our babies, but some do, so all do. They're our sacred vessels.

So of course we love our women. Our beautiful, humble, obedient, baby-bearing women. Women who know their place--at our side, supporting us, caring for us, depending on us, making us feel manly.

Our women are our most prized possessions.

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