Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mightily ticked-off Republican women

On the Tavis Smiley show former hardcore Republican Congressman and lifelong solid conservative Joe Scarborough said his even-more-conservative-than-him "Pro-Life" wife who's never voted for a Democrat for President in her life...won't be voting for any of the GOP candidates this time around, due to what she perceives as the Republican war on women.

The last straw for her was Reichsleiter Limbaugh's multi-day verbal sexual assault on a Georgetown U. grad student, followed by GOP TV's staunchly defending Limbaugh's accusations (if not his amazing stylings) across its various programs, followed by every GOP candidate wannabe and the congressional leadership refusing to directly denounce those stylings, instead resorting to copouts like "Well, I wouldn't have said it that way and let me tell you how Obama has failed the country" or "What does it matter what entertainers say?" or "there goes the Lib-er-ul Elite Media again, criticizing a conservative for what they excuse Lib-er-uls saying all the time," followed by Reichsleiter Limbaugh's own apology-by-blaming-everyone-else.

The Party Faithful who are men may be buying all this, but many conservative women voters are seething.

And those women haven't failed to notice that President Obama has a flawless marriage/parenting Family Values record, including two daughters he's obviously devoted to...and even brought his mother in law with him to the White House.

Remember in the '90s when Clinton was running for re-election and the Republican pitch was that personal character was everything you needed to know--when it was Clinton vs. personally squeaky-clean Bush I? I remember being told by party faithful at church that I mustn't vote for a cad like Clinton.

But now that the Democrat is the squeaky clean one and one of the four remaining GOP contenders is Newt...suddenly personal character is irrelevant.

Only a lot of Republican women haven't forgotten that stuff, and still think it matters. And the depiction of Obama as a foreign devil actually intending to destroy America just doesn't comport with the family stuff they see. And Michelle Obama has been an outstanding first lady--both confident and supportive--and not too full of herself either.

Obama's obvious emotional stability and deliberative approach to major problems suits the tastes of many GOP women on the process level. They don't want a hothead in the White House. Or a zealot, actually. That's not conservative, in any real sense of the word.

Not to mention the fact that now they've heard both Obama and Romney sing...

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