Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here's a detailed listing and analysis of the Republican healthcare reform plan

1. Defund Planned Parenthood.
2. Repeal RomneyCare--oops, I mean ObamaCare.

That's it.

The reason given is that taxpayers who object to Planned Parenthood providing abortions shouldn't be forced to pay for them via government funding of Planned Parenthood.

I don't see how Mitt Romney could be stupid enough to propose this, since it's crazy. You mean every taxpayer gets to send government a list of things his taxes are to be used for and not used for? Boy, have I got a list for them. Only my list mandates paying for abortions on demand without questions. So then would government allocate money for my preference based on how many people demanded it?


Or did the Republican Party just mean that Christian Fundamentalists get to choose how their taxes are to be allocated?

Well, that's an improvement.

As for #2--that would take us back to the healthcare situation we had in 2008, which every competent economist said was fiscally unsustainable--not to mention making us the only rich nation without a comprehensive healthcare plan. Not to mention stuff like the private health insurance bureaucrats getting to choose whether you live or die if you get really sick--not even a "death panel." Just some clerk stamping "DENIED" on your claim routinely, then triggering the group every big insurer has to kick out any insuree who gets really sick by finding some "i" that wasn't dotted in the 50 pages of forms you have to fill out, and then not only not paying your claim but suing you to recover any and all healthcare payouts up to that point.

This is what Mitt Romney calls "Freedom." When a lady at a public meeting yesterday asked him what poor women would use for gynecological services if his party succeeded in killing off Planned Parenthood, he grandly told her "People can get whatever healthcare services they choose. It's a free country. But we won't have taxpayers supporting Planned Parenthood against their will." He went on to hail the invigorating virtue of freedom from government interference and handouts (to the lazy, was the implication).

This is what the Republican healthcare reform plan boils down to: "You're own your own. pal."

Anything else is So-shul-ism, apparently. The concept of shared risk? Out the window.

Well, that makes perfect sense if you're a multimillionaire like Mitt Romney and his friends who own ball clubs. They don't need government handouts, so you don't either.

Only BTW Romney loves the government handout of letting him pay half the taxes that multimillionaire CEOs pay vs. what Wall Street financiers like Romney pay.

I'd take him more seriously if he were willing to forego government handouts to the wealthiest. But instead his tax plan will enrich Mitt Romney personally by a substantial amount.

Ah, freedom. Bracing, huh? To the Republicans it means Survival of the Fittest, and it you aren't financially fit...you deserve what you get.

Bottom line: the Republican Healthcare Plan is undoing everything Democrats ever voted for. Other than that, there is no plan to curb costs, make healthcare more universal or more affordable or more reliable (do you know how many people are accidentally killed by hospitals every year? More than drunk drivers). Their plan is to not have a plan. No government meddling. Not even to negotiate drug prices for Medicare recipients. Of course their implication is to do away with Medicare, but that'll wait until they get back in power.

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