Friday, April 13, 2012


The Right's Umbrage du Jour is the claim that the Left is carrying out a War on Women, insulting right wing women in the public sphere and demeaning housewives, meanwhile acting as if it's wrong to demean and insult women.

Suppose this were all true of all liberals. Does that, then, wipe away the charges Democrats have made about the Republicans' "War on Women?" It's OK for Republicans to treat women patronizingly as long as Democrats do too?


Since when was Republican morality just a reaction to Democratic morality?

"They do it too" is the kind of argument I'd expect from an angry sixth grader. What you do is either right or wrong according to principles and practical considerations. Not some moral relativism that constantly refers to whatever is the behavior of others.

So whether liberals are hypocrites or not has no bearing on whether Republican ranks house the last bastion of male chauvinism in America. My crimes don't excuse your crimes.

And the Republicans are the ones most outraged by moral relativism. Except their own.

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