Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's a racist Part II

I just heard what happened in the Zimmerman-Trayvon case as the Republiverse sees it, courtesy of Ann Coulter on ABC's Sunday news analysis show, as she rode over anyone else trying to answer her so she's have the last word (a common ploy of right wing demagogues).

In this narrative she depicts Zimmerman as down on the ground with his head being beaten onto the cement by the Negro youth attacking him. Thus the Stand Your Ground law in Florida wasn't relevant. It was simple self defense.

Great. So lessee...Trayvon Martin goes to the corner store for Skittles and Ice Tea. As he's walking home he sees this guy in the distance and decides to run over and attack him and try to beat him to death before he continues on his way home to eat his Skittles and drink is ice tea.

Or he runs over to the car Zimmerman was sitting in, drags him out of the car and attacks him?

How did Zimmerman and Trayvon wind up in the same place?

Zimmerman told the police dispatcher he was going to follow him. Dispatcher tells him not to do that. Zimmerman says "They always (who's "they"?) get away with it" and follows the Negro, over the dispatcher's repeated commands to sit tight. You can tell Zimmerman knew the guy in a hoodie was a Negro because you can hear him muttering "f....ng coon" as he pursues Trayvon.

It's hard to claim either standing your ground or self defense when the altercation is a result of your disobeying a police dispatcher and stalk someone in the dark. If that someone tries to get the drop on you, isn't that someone the someone who's "standing his ground?"

Yet in the Republiverse it's settled. Zimmerman was defending himself, an innocent person, against being assaulted for no reason at all by a 17 year old teen on his way home from buying Skittles and ice tea. Try talking with a right winger about this. Fascinating responses and they torture logic to reconstruct this incident in a way that convicts the Negro and exculpates the son of the judge. And talks about the Negro's truancies while skipping merrily over the judge's son's repeated run-in with the law over his propensity for violence towards others.

Perhaps in the Zimmerman household "f....ng coon" is a term of endearment.

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