Monday, April 2, 2012

Supreme Court OKs Routine Jailhouse Strip Searches

Another day, another Supreme Court 5-4 decision.

I watched Justice Robert's Senate hearings. He talked about a modest court that deferred to elected officials whenever possible--a court that preferred narrow unanimous rules to partisan 5-4 decisions.

Turns out talk is cheap.

This ruling, about permitting strip searches for anyone arrested for any reason (except for those confined in isolation), could have been made with some kind of compromise that garnered more than a partisan vote. Yet again he didn't, belying what he's promised before confirmation.

Meaning that in significant ways George W. Bush is still President--his policies will have the last word through the next presidential administration, and probably the two after that, even if the next two presidents are Democrats. Because the old people in the Supreme Court are the Democratic nominees.

Imagine George W. Bush running the country for 20+ years. Oh, wait.You don't have to imagine. Just watch.

A wholesale overthrow of Obamacare on a 5-4 vote will confirm this. A different decision, though unlikely at this point, will require reassessing the Court.

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