Monday, April 16, 2012

Justice achieved again

The ABLU (American Billionaires' Liberties Union), formerly known as the Republican Party, announced today that it had triumphed over the force of evil: Foreign Occupier Obama's attempt to make billionaires pay the same tax rate as most Americans was beaten back in the U.S. Senate, taking advantage of the fact that in the Senate these days, a minority of as little as 40 Senators can keep a majority of 60 Senators from enacting legislation.

According to the ABLU this was true American justice, since "America's billionaires, from whom all good flows, deserve to pay lower taxes than the ants--er, taxpayers--who work for them--at least the ones who are Americans who work for them," and "Until we can revise the Constitution to replace the Senate with a House of Financial Lords, the next best thing is our ability to block the Enemy's efforts to subvert American Values with this ridiculous idea that the people elected by a majority of taxpayers should get what they want if we object. Thank God that God is a Republican. And Jesus. And, if you're a Catholic, Mary too. And the Holy Ghost, another great Republican."

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Anonymous said...

I never could figure out why it was that those who are the loudest and have the most to say, and who have the most disdain for the status quo never make mention of the fact that the People have the power to do whatever they want.

They are granted by the Constitution, the powers of Initiative and Recall. From this fact comes the truism... 'The American people always get the government they deserve'.

Again, the People have the power to enact any legislation, or turn out any politician they damn well please, any time they please, independent of any political party or who is in the majority in Washington.

Those who are the loudest, and have the most to say... should say that, or shut up.

Only one thing will save this country from inevitable disaster... a blanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and the People need to get that done. If the most florid amounst us would get on that bandwagon all other problems would fade away... make your own list:
Health Care

They all go away with a balanced budget amendment... speak to that.