Wednesday, July 18, 2012

America benefited from the American Indians' demise

Here's a perverse thought for the day.

We were going to get the American Indians' lands regardless. But we weren't able to enslave them as the Spaniards and the Portuguese did with the Indians in their lands.

We couldn't enslave them partly because we killed most of them through European diseases they had no immunity to. I don't know why this didn't happen as much in Latin America. It did in the Caribbean and Argentina at the least.

But also they didn't live clumped together as the Aztecs and the Mayans did. They were scattered about mostly. And we settled America with large numbers of European immigrants, each a viral/bacterial Indian-killing bomb, while the Spaniards and Portuguese maintained their lands with far less European immigration, more along the lines of large plantations with relatively few Euros. Perhaps this gave their  Indians' gene pools more of an opportunity to adapt instead of getting whacked before they could, as ours mostly did.

Note that the average Mexican is Mestizo, with lots of Mexican Indian blood in their veins.

Instead of plantations, outside the South we mostly had farms and towns, both full of transplanted Europeans.

At any rate, whatever the reason, we couldn't enslave the American Indians--and so America outside the South didn't become a slave-based society.

That was very good for us. Instead of becoming rent-seekers we had to produce goods and services ourselves, until we were conquered by people who move money around instead of producing goods and services.

Odd that the Indians did us a favor by denying us the benefits of their slave labor.

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