Friday, July 20, 2012

Neither Romney's nor Obama's domestic policies matter

If Romney's elected he will simply sign the bills Congress sends him. His domestic/economic policies don't matter, therefore. He needs his right hand to work. If you want to know the policies he'd promote, you have to look at the bills Congress would send him. That will be his policy.

If Obama's re-elected Congress will do nothing he wants. But unless they can assemble a veto-proof majority--extremely unlikely--he can veto the bills Congress sends him, thus forcing either stalemate or a compromise between Republican initiatives and Democratic moderation of those initiatives.

Even with Supreme Court justices only relatively liberal justices are likely to retire or die in the next four years, and they're already in the minority, and the GOP will block liberal nominations. So any justices Obama nominated would have to be relatively moderate ones--and they wouldn't change the political makeup of the Court.

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