Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boy Scouts & homosexuals--issue solved

I can understand why the Boy Scouts wouldn't want homosexual boys in its troops. Even if you don't share the religious orientation of most Scouts and their leadership, you don't have Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts go camping with each other, sharing tents.

So the solution should be obvious: let homosexual boys join Girls Scout troops, and homosexual girls join Boy Scout troops.

Problem solved--no hanky-panky, right?

Of course the Scouts have another problem--excluding acknowleged non-religious people, presumably on moral grounds. As a private organization, they have every right to do this. But since the Boy Scouts itself isn't a church, but rather an organization to teach children both practical outdoors skills and moral values, I have every right to regard them as immoral, engaged in teaching American children that non-religious people are bad people--and whatever weasel words they use that's what they're teaching kids.

For that reason I oppose supporting the Scouts organization with any public monies, tax exemptions, or letting them use public facilities for meetings for free.

That is, I'm advocating treating them the same way we'd treat a children's organization run by White (or Black, or Yellow) supremacists.

Especially if they don't adopt my solution to their homosexual problem...

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