Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado shooting

When gun nuts make it easy for nuts to get guns, the results are predictable. And even now the gun nuts are rushing to the comment threads and their legislators to make sure no one draws the obvious conclusion from such a tragedy.

In nations with the most guns per capita, such as Iraq, ordinary citizens don't appear to feel safe because of all the guns. Think about it.

Gun control can't stop them all. I'm sure Norway has thorough gun control laws, and that didn't prevent that right wing psychopath from murdering over 70 people.

But in general proper gun control keeps the death count down, and in the case of berserkers, limited to a couple of knifing victims instead of dozens of shooting victims.

The real reason people fight so hard against gun control is never stated, even in the more liberal publications: the gun industry has managed to convince white men without a college degree, who feel threatened by their greatly reduced job and financial security these days, that a gun is essentially a penile implant. They may not feel like a man at work or in their home but when they've strapped on their piece they feel ten feet tall. However, for the very reasons this is true, no one for whom is it true is about to admit it. Instead they'll get all puffed up with outrage. Pity.

No one can say gun control would have prevented this. Not at the moment at least. It will be interesting to see how he got his guns. We can say gun control would have reduced the likelihood of this.

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