Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Presiden Obama's third presidential campaign

First Senator Obama defeated Senator McCain. Then he defeated Governor Romney. Now he's up against his third Republian--this time not a candidate but the heretofore Boss of the Republican Party: Grover Norquist.

On Norquist's side you have the Tea Party contingent in Congress, pretty much all the right wing radio and TV hosts, mong blogosphere, a majority of the Republican rank and file in the congressional districts that sent those Tea Party types to Congress.

On the President's side you have the Republican congressmen in districts that might elect a Democrat if their Congressman keeps putting the desires of billionaires before their own, and the Republican leadership, which knows the President has the Republicans over a barrell.

But the word from Norquist's radio and TV pundits is that the Republicans actually have the Presideand that they can put the President on a short leash with month to month or even week to week spending approvals contingent on the President obeying them.

For the sake of both moderate conservatives and everyone else, I hope Norquist's troops stick to their guns. It will be painful for the country, but it will be even more painful to allow Norquist to continue to run America's economics from an unelected lobbyists's office.

The Republican leadership may actually hope this happens too, because the Tea Party types are so irrational they're starting to tarnish the Reputlican brand, and the party's leadership would be happier with congressmen who don't have Crazy Eyes.

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